What You Need to Know Before You “Take the Interview”


I recently interviewed with an up-and-coming healthcare company for a training and development role. I had heard from clients over the years that many of these companies had rigorous, multi-level, interview processes. One of the steps in my interview process was a video interview via an online platform called Take the Interview.

I always prepare and follow my own advice. I read up on the company, the position, supervisor(s) and possible co-workers, etc., but nothing could quite prepare me for my “Take the Interview” experience. Here are some things you might want to know beforehand:

1) It isn’t an interview the way we think of interviews. Take the Interview is actually a video questionnaire. The company has selected 5 to 10 questions for the candidate to read and respond to while the platform records your answers.

2) The platform will record everything you say and do once you hit “Start Recording”. This means you need a working web cam and microphone. There is a sample question that lets the candidate see how the platform will work. Before the recording starts, there are 30 seconds (that counts down) to allow the candidate to prepare and breathe. Then a question appears and it starts recording; the candidate has only two minutes to answer the question and end the recording.

3) There is no way to start over or re-record an answer. If the candidate messes up, makes a weird face, says something odd or off-topic, there is no way to go back and start again.

TTI made a video to show candidates how the process works and it can be found here. (One important difference is the video shows there is a retry option, but that was not the case during my video questionnaire.)

Good luck!




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